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Donate Anything. Donate Anything helps support Connecticut Children's Medical Center. In the past my husband has donated his custom built Bianco Guitars to the Children's Medical Center in Hartford, CT for their annual auction. But the past couple of years he was unable to because of time and funds. To help him be able to continue donating guitars we thought that if anyone is willing to donate anything, whether one dollar or car, or any other item which you no longer use which we could sell, it would help to supplement his income so that he will be able to continue building and donating his custom built guitars to Connecticut Children's Medical Center. We are not affiliated with Connecticut Children's Medical Center. We just try and donate a guitar or guitars annually to help them. But as I said, it has been very busy and difficult for us the past two years to find the time to build and donate. Even if you have just one item to donate to us that you think we could sell to supplement his income we will be very great full. Val said that he will put your name on the guitar or guitars that we donate. We hope you believe in this cause. He will be so happy to start donating guitars again and show you the work we accomplish together. And we are sure everyone at Connecticut Children's Medical Center will be great full also. God bless you and your loved ones in Christ Jesus.

Michelle White